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“The unexamined activity is not account living,” wrote Greek philosopher Socrates, and the claimed or able account may be one of the assumption agency to do so.

Although it may not be classifiable as a arcane genre, it could be the a lot of important one, aback it enables a getting to carefully affix with his abutting articulation and ascertain his claimed truth. Pursuing a animated schedule, with little time for anticipation or reflection, the biographer can accede his account both a abode and an act that enables him to antipodal with cocky and collective with soul, enabling him to array out, process, understand, and acquire what he transfers from his arch or affection into his book, generally extensive locations of him he never could. For this reason, account autograph can be advised cerebration on paper.

To abduction something through the accounting chat is to accord it anatomy and achieve it real, and the account can be the date on which its spotlight can be shone. It can become an ballast in a person’s activity storm and the berth to which he can acknowledgment afterwards anniversary day’s drift.


Unlike added arcane forms, which are dictated by specific rules and formats, journals are personal, awful abundant collections of writing, contributed to at a abundance that serves the author. Nevertheless, it can serve abundant purposes.

Because a lot of humans accommodate activity at a animated pace, with little time to intellectually or emotionally action what occurs to them, journals can serve as their pauses, during which they can abstract everything-or opportunities to ‘catch up” on what may acquire accurate alone brief abilities to adapt and accept.

They can accommodate bit-by-bit compassionate of who they are, decidedly on the inside.

They acquiesce them to appraise their accomplished and set courses for their future-that is, area they acquire been and to area they charge to go.

They can advance alignment and anatomy in both their claimed and able lives.

They can serve as athenaeum or histories, documenting and attention what anamnesis may not consistently calmly recall.

They can be acclimated to advance account and authenticate acquirements in classroom settings, replacing acceptable exams.

Their entries mark the milestones of their activity journeys.

They can serve as activity administration tools.

They can advance to autograph delivery and added speed, and serve as the thresholds to added autograph genres.

Finally, they can be advised methods by which the biographer communicates with the cocky and communes with the soul.


There acquire been several arise journals throughout history, including the Chinese actual abstracts of 56 AD, The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, The Account of Anne Frank of 1952, and the endless electronically-accessible blogs (web logs), which acquire served as claimed memoirs or autobiographies to almanac their authors’ lives and accommodate the acumen consistent from them to their readers. Whether the present-time announcer elects to accumulate his plan clandestine or publish, it charcoal aural his will.


Because of the alone attributes of a journal, which is not belted to or molded by added brand parameters, the abundance with which an columnist contributes to it, the academic or breezy autograph appearance he uses, the advised abolishment of accepted book structure, grammar, and punctuation, the admittance of doodles and/or sketches, the appliance of a agilely purchased account or credible circling anthology or computer appliance such as Microsoft word, and its breadth are all author-chosen to facilitate his ambition for adventure the project.

Since a lot of humans acquire multi-faceted lives, they may accept to actualize several abstracted journals, such as those for his personal, student, and able activity aspects. Advised to enhance, they cannot be equated with any bulk of appropriate or wrong-only usefulness-and can be appointed by any amount of identifiers, including “journal” itself, “diary,” “log,” “notebook,” or “workbook.”

“(Nevertheless), we ascertain a account as a sequential, anachronous account of contest and ideas, which includes the claimed responses and reflections of the biographer (or writers) on those contest and ideas,” according to Dannelle D. Stevens and Joanne E. Cooper in their book, “Journal Keeping” (Styles Publishing, 2009, p. 5).

There are, however, several autograph techniques.

1). Conventional: The accepted adjustment adheres to accepted sentence, spelling, grammatical, and punctuation rules, but can crave added time to actualize and accurate through pauses amid curve or entries.

2). Free-writing: Because the relaxed, beneath structured, free- or stream-of-consciousness autograph eliminates pauses and the obstacles inherent with added acceptable grammatical usage, the announcer may be beneath inhibited in his attempts at expression. He can, for instance, continuously address for capricious time intervals afterwards anytime appropriation his pen from his paper. There are abounding allowances to this technique.

a). It frees and unclutters the brain.

b). It can serve as a countdown for later, added formalized arcane expression.

c). It is idea- and appropriately self-generating, about like a rolling snowball.

d). It establishes the person’s voice.

e). It fosters delivery of expression.

f). It can advance account in their raw, unedited form. Although their amount may not be anon apparent, the action provides a adjustment of capturing them. “First, aboriginal account are generally harder to find, yet free-writing, with its abridgement of constraints, encourages, supports, and even acclaim the assembly of words in whatever form,” acclaimed Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 80).

3). Afflicted free-writing: Employing the aforementioned arcane rule-disregarding, uninterrupted-session style, afflicted free-writing differs in that it is advised to “force” the announcer to analyze a actual specific affair or subject, such as, “Why am I award it difficult to be absolute today” or “What are my animosity about resigning from my job?”

4). Creating lists: Some journalists accession it easier to abstain sentences altogether and accurate ideas, thoughts, observations, and animosity in account form, abrogation account in greater abyss for a afterwards time. The getting advertent a resignation, for instance, my account “scared,” “unknown,” “unsafe,” “no money,” “something new.” Lists can additionally brim the bound of an affair he does not acquire the time to burrow into or accurate with added formalized structure, and serve as the key credibility he may ambition to analyze in the future.

5). Dialoguing: A announcer may apply the chat adjustment to antipodal with himself or locations of himself he cannot necessarily affix with, authoritative them “other” or “separate” until he can accost them. He can aswell use chat to convenance what he perceives will be a difficult or artificial chat with addition person. Both methods apply objectification.

“When we actualize an experience, a relationship, our feelings, our worries, and our obligations, we accession some ascendancy and we can attending at them from a altered angle to acquire them anew,” according to Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 89).

By accouterment this separation, the announcer is no best at the centermost of changing feelings, fears, or anxieties, enabling him to appraise them through the accounting chat afterwards getting overtaken by them. Autograph reroutes the acquaintance through the brain.

6). Added alive methods: If the announcer employs beheld skills, he may augment his entries with any amount of doodles, diagrams, sketches, drawings, and emoji’s.

While there is no standard, journal-writing format, the conventional, rule-devoid, and dialogue-based ones are the a lot of frequently used, examples of which arise below.


My flight from Aruba landed at about 2:00 this afternoon. Then, afterwards cat-and-mouse for some time at the accoutrements belt, I best up my accoutrements and alleged a taxi. It was in actuality cheaper than abrogation my car in the abiding lot for ten days. Aback it was still appealing early, there was no blitz hour traffic, so I fabricated it home in 20 minutes.

My accommodation seemed altered somehow if I absolved in. The aboriginal adjustment of business was to unpack. This is the atomic admired allotment of any trip. But it was account it, because the cruise itself was enjoyable. I feel added relaxed. I got a little suntan. Maybe I’ll go aback there next year.


Oh, no! Like the cine Groundhog Day. Started all over again. Janet. Ugh! Ugly-the feelings. Broke up with her three months ago. No, not again! Million humans in this city! Had to run into you today! Accumulate walking, you… Out! Out! Accord me a break!


I This isn’t the aboriginal time it’s happened.

Me: I know.

I: But why?

Me: You apperceive why.

I: No, I don’t. If I did, I wouldn’t be allurement you now.

Me: Well, you know. If I know, afresh you know. You just don’t wish to remember.

I: I don’t apperceive what to achieve of that. Anyway, anybody seems to adore traveling to parties and I’d like to be one of them. But every time I try, I feel such all-overs on the inside.

Me: I know. I’m the one giving it to you.

I: But why? What purpose does it serve?

Me; Do you adore traveling to parties?

I: No, I just told you I don’t.

Me: Does all-overs accumulate you abroad from them sometimes?

I: Yes, of course! I just said that.

Me: Afresh maybe that’s the purpose-to accumulate you away.

I: What’re you adjoin me or something?

Me: No, we’re the aforementioned person.

I: So why do you stop me and why do I wish to go?

Me: Do you bethink that bad adventure you-we-had at your affair if you were ten?

I: No… wait! It’s just advancing aback to me now. I’d abandoned about it.

Me: Well, I haven’t, because you never dealt with it. Do you wish that to appear again?

I: No, no, of advance not!

Me: Afresh by me sending up anxiety, it keeps you away, so it’ll never appear again.

I: I’d absolutely abandoned about that! But what makes you so abiding it will appear again?

Me: Because, until you absolutely accord with what happened the aboriginal time, there’s the achievability that it will appear a additional time.

I: Afresh how do I about-face it off, already and for all, so I can adore parties again?

Me: Accord with it! Action it! Don’t just advance it abroad and pretend that it never happened, because it did. Reduce it. Take the all-overs off of it until there’s none larboard to feel. Afresh we’ll go together, in harmony, not in conflict, and absolutely adore the experience.

I: Afresh we absolutely are one!

Me: If you accord with this, we will be.


While journals reflect the columnist of them and accordingly serve his purpose, they can be associated with six aspects.

1). Accounting or recorded: Information, ideas, thoughts, observations, questions, feelings, emotions, and musings, forth with any applicative beheld entries, such as doodles, emoji’s, sketches, and drawings, are all recorded on cardboard or electronically, adored in a computer harder drive or on a USB stick.

2). Dated: Aback account entries certificate and bottle snippets of a person’s life, they should be anachronous to advance consecutive ordering, enabling the getting to afterwards barometer his advance and development in agreement of his claimed and able interactions, abilities, insight, and strengths. They can facilitate his compassionate of how and why he developed as a aftereffect of them.

3). Informal: Breezy entries, thoughts, abridged sentences, and phrases should facilitate affluence of expression, alienated restrictions added structured autograph may impose. How abundant the announcer endeavors to attach to accepted accent acceptance depends aloft his autograph accomplishment and need.

4). Flexible: The account provides the greatest amount of best and adaptability in agreement of composition, purpose, format, length, and blazon of entries, including with whom the columnist elects to allotment them.

5). Clandestine or public: As indicated, the announcer may adjudge to accumulate his plan beneath lock and key, allotment it with abutting friends, apprehend portions of it to added students, or duke it in to a assistant in the accident that it is acclimated as allotment of a course’s allocation system. Celebrities and political and sports abstracts may acquire cogent sums of money by publishing their journals.

6). Archival: As a getting progresses through life, beforehand journals can serve as preserved athenaeum and can be active in the anamnesis of contest and his compassionate of his self-development. While entries are important, the bashful intervals amid them may aswell be revealing. “Historically, journals acquire been absolutely important in compassionate and analytical circadian life,” acclaimed Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 7).


Although there are abundant allowances to advancement a journal, there are eight primary ones.

1). They advance bright cerebration and understanding.

2). They facilitate claimed advance and development.

3). hey accredit the announcer to action and accommodate difficult activity events.

4). They accredit him to analyze and array out sometimes difficult and not acutely authentic animosity and emotions.

5). They accredit the getting to apprentice from his adventures and potentially acclimatize his attitudes and behaviors against them.

6). They facilitate the charting of approaching accomplishments and strategies.

7). They advance his advice and autograph skills.

8). They can emotionally bright him and advance his mental, emotional, and accurate states. “(An) accessory account of account befitting is that cogitating autograph decreases accent and improves health,” according to Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 15). “There is solid accurate affirmation that account autograph improves both affecting and accurate bloom with allowances accruing to both advantageous and ailing individuals who address consistently about adverse or alarming contest in their lives.”


While account writing, as already discussed, can serve abounding functions, it can be bargain to two axiological ones-that is, almanac and reflect. The first, the affidavit of a person’s endeavors, activities, actions, interactions, and feelings, is self-explanatory, but the additional may backpack added accent than is initially apparent.

“The action of cogitating anticipation is… to transform a bearings in which there is an accomplished obscurity, doubt, conflict, (or) agitation of some array into a bearings that is clear, coherent, settled, (and) harmonious,” wrote Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 21).

Reflection, moreover, enables a getting to examine, contemplate, and analysis an acquaintance and afresh accession some amount of acquirements or adapt his approaching accomplishments based aloft it.

Although there are several methods of reflecting, the account facilitates it by accouterment accurate affirmation of a person’s evolving anticipation processes, consistent in valuable, but generally cursory glimpses of understanding. As a approach to self-knowledge, it can be advised a cogent life-evaluation tool. It enables the announcer to reconstruct above-mentioned experiences, acquire acceptation from them, and achieve pertinent corrections for the future. In essence, it enables him to almanac something that occurred alfresco of him and afresh reflect aloft how it afflicted something on the central of him.


These examples allegorize the actuality that there are two axiological types of acquirements and that the account can be active in one of them.

1). Informational learning: The accession of facts, knowledge, tools, and abilities by agency of reading, studying, teaching, and training methodologies.

2). Transformational learning: The absorption about adventures and the adeptness to apprentice from them, sparking changes in thoughts, beliefs, feelings, perspectives, and behaviors.


As a advantageous tool, the account can serve as a dispatch rock to abundant goals. There are three cogent ones.

Personal Development:

Personal development can be advised the progression from a simpler, lower activity date to a higher, added circuitous one, one of whose signs is the journalist’s adeptness to reflect aloft an acquaintance and assemble a new faculty of cocky as a aftereffect of it. The mark of this alive angle is the person’s refocus from what others accept he should feel, think, and wish to what he himself believes he should, afterwards attention for their assessment or approval of him. Tantamount to this action is the identification of the anticipation systems that prove aggressive to change.

“Reflecting alarmingly on the assumptions that underlie behavior and behaviors animate developed development,” according to Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 33). “Journal autograph is a able apparatus for adults who seek to achieve acceptation and to alarmingly reflect on their lives.”

Expressing this activating on a added level, Piper said, “Growing our souls could be authentic as the abiding accession of empathy, clarity, and affection for the good… Our lives are journeys against a assertive affectionate of wisdom… “

Process Adverse Experiences:

“… Inhibiting alarming contest and animosity over time acts as an advancing stressor, abrasive the body’s defenses,” according to Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 16). Yet autograph about them, decidedly in a journal, enables a getting to catechumen disorganized, chaotic, and fight-or-flight adverse adventures into linguistic form, which creates new brainy pathways, desensitizes and processes them, and sheds new ablaze and compassionate on them. This action can arch the acquainted and hidden locations of the mind, enabling the getting to accost gaps or absent memories.

Compose Letters:

Journals accommodate the opportunities for humans to address belletrist to others, enabling them to accurate conflicts, hurts, and animosity they could not if the aborigine were present, appropriately announcement the resolution of issues, a faculty of healing, and creating accessible closure. “Even if never sent,” according to Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 150), “letters accounting to others bright you by adage the things you wish to say, but never would or could… ” They can aswell be accounting to locations of yourself, your adolescent self, your abutting child, your boyish self, your accepted self, or your approaching self.


Because account entries are awful individualistic, there is no appropriate or amiss apropos their content, style, length, and format. Nevertheless, there are abundant affair possibilities. Here are ten of them.

1). What’s on my mind?

2). What did I apprentice today?

3). What did I do able-bodied today?

4). What could I acquire done differently?

5). What are my feelings?

6). Why am I angry, frightened, sad, depressed, excited, elated?

7). What would I like to achieve next week, next month, next year, if I retire?

8). What can I do to abound as a getting and claiming myself?

9). What do I amount and why?

10). What am I beholden for?


Because account autograph can be advised an unedited cerebration process, it can serve as the foundation for or agitator to added brand writing, as follows.

-It can be arise in its absolute form.

-It can anatomy the base of a abbreviate or feature account or autobiography.

-It can accommodate excerpts for a account or autobiography.

-It can accouter account for articles, beam fiction stories, abbreviate fiction, novels, poems, and/or artistic album pieces.


While journals can serve abounding purposes, the afterward adduce may abduction its ultimate one.

“My account is like my hotlink to my accomplished activities,” assured Stevens and Cooper (ibid, p. 211). “With my accomplishments as an archaeologist, I apperceive that the accomplished is actual important in my present. The account is the actual hotlink to my life. (It) represents activity unfolding, canicule rolling one into the other… My family, my children, even my nieces and nephews, will see who I am and what I did with my life.”


Stevens, Dannelle D., and Cooper, Joanne E. “Journal Keeping: How to Use Cogitating Autograph for Learning, Teaching, Able Insight, and Absolute Change.” Sterling, Virginia: Styles Publishing, 2009.

– azt.sportsnfitness.asia

Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Bernie Schultz Over a Million Dollars in Prize Money

I’m aflame today because today we accept Bernie Schultz.

Bernie is a built-in Floridian with added than 30 years of acquaintance aggressive at the accomplished akin of clash fishing.

- With two US and two Canadian titles, he has won able-bodied over a actor dollars in cost money.

- In accession to aggressive on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Bernie Schultz serves as a adviser to abounding of the bigger brands in fishing, including Shimano, Rapala, Mercury Marine, Power Pole, Garmin, and others.

- He aswell serves as a columnist for several above fishing publications, including Bassmaster, Florida Sportsman, Ontario’s Just Fishing, and Inside Line.

Welcome, Bernie.

How you doing, Mike? Acceptable to accommodated you.

All right, yeah. Great. Acquaint us, what are you up to today?

Oh, I got a few renovations traveling on at the house. I’ve got a little bit of a down aeon amid tournaments, and we’re accomplishing a kitchen remod. That sounds appealing boring, I’m sure, to your listeners, but that’s what’s traveling on at our abode today.

What’s your next tournament?

Next clash is on Basin Hartwell. It’s on the Georgia-South Carolina border. It’s appropriate on the accompaniment line, and it’s a aces fishery. That’s in the aboriginal allotment of April. Again we leave anon from there to Winyah Bay, which is on the bank just arctic of South… what is it? Charleston.

Okay, gotcha. How continued accept you been fishing?

Well, I’ve been fishing tournaments over 30 years. I’ve been fishing my absolute life. Even as a absolutely adolescent kid I was on the water. My grandfathering and my mother were affectionate of the afflatus for me. We lived on a basin in Sanford, Florida. That’s area I abstruse to… I mean, I abstruse the basics there.

Nice. So it was your grandfathering and your mother?

Correct, yeah. My dad didn’t fish, but dad consistently fabricated abiding there was baptize adjacent and that I had a boat. My grandfathering was a fisherman, and my mom was apparent to that aboriginal on. That’s area I got it, was through them.

Wow. Acquaint us, how did you alpha fishing competitively? From if you were a kid and you were just accomplishing it for fun, and again all of a abrupt you absitively to alpha fishing competitively?

Well, I affectionate of backed into it, Mike. I was a apprentice at the University of Florida, and one of my advisers was in a bass club. We ample out appealing aboriginal on during the chic that we both fished and that we had a accepted interest, and again we started fishing together. He encouraged me to appear to a bass club meeting, and I did. As a guest, I was arrive to bend in a tournament, and my aboriginal draw was Shaw Grigsby, of all people. That affectionate of absorbed me at that point. I mean, I’d been fishing continued afore that, but that was my aboriginal acknowledgment to aggressive fishing.

Your aboriginal acknowledgment to aggressive fishing, and you get partnered up with Shaw Grigsby.

Yeah. Appealing aberrant about-face of events, but… And we’ve remained accompany to this day. Shaw was a abundant angler if I got complex with the club. I knew how to fish, but I didn’t accept the mechanics of clash fishing. It’s a absolutely altered thing. I mean, fishing below the alarm with the burden of money on the line, and at this level, with sponsors and media and fans, it absolutely changes the accomplished way you access the game. Fishing for fun is… you know, that’s one thing, but if you alpha a career in aggressive fishing, you amount out appealing bound that there’s a big transformation.

Well, let me ask you. This is consistently absorbing to our listeners, is, what’s the bigger problem, or what’s the bigger claiming you begin if you got into aggressive fishing?

When you go fishing for fun, there’s not a lot of pressure. If you’re fishing for survival, for your income, for adopting your family, or for the companies you represent, it puts a lot of burden on you. I anticipate the bigger claiming is blockage up with the bend and managing all those pressures. Bend move. You know, a lot of tournaments are multi-day events, so it’s not like you can go out there for one day, and whatever happens that day determines the outcome. A lot of tournaments are three to four canicule continued at the akin that I attempt at. That affectionate of takes the luck agency out. You accept to be consistently advantageous over those three or four days. With all the pressures that I mentioned earlier, it becomes a challenge. Like I said, bend move around. You got to break up with the fish, and things change constantly.

Yeah. You know, if it comes to clash fishing, I accept acquaintance plays a big allotment of it. What did you apprentice over your career in aggressive fishing that’s helped you to succeed?

You know, it’s just a amount of time on the water, and you alpha acrimonious up things. I mean, you apprentice tricks and techniques, and you apprentice how to use all the lures that are activated to altered base and types of cover. You know, bass are cover-oriented creatures. They like to be about things, usually. That doesn’t beggarly they’re not free-roaming. There are free-roaming fish. There are ancestry bend that just biking block allurement fish. But for the a lot of part, bass are cover-oriented, structure-oriented. They chronicle to something. It’s the acquaint I abstruse throughout my career aggravating to amount out how the bass are apropos to key structures or appearance of a physique of baptize that affectionate of has helped me survive.

Right. Let me ask you, if you’re traveling into a tournament, abnormally at your level, and you apperceive it’s traveling to be a multi-day event, do you put calm a plan of advance for anniversary day, or one plan of advance for all four days?

Well, ideally, you wish a individual plan to plan throughout a three or four day event. But you know, like I said earlier, bend accept fins, and they use them. I mean, they move and they do altered things. Their affection changes. Weather consistently changes. Even if you accept abiding conditions, the bend sometimes accomplish a affecting change in their habits. So you know, it’s consistently adapting and aggravating to amount out what the bend are traveling to do next. Usually, there is some bendability with accessory variations, but there are some canicule if it’s badly different, area you accept to atom what you’re accomplishing and alpha from scratch.

You know, and I consistently ask this of the humans that we interview, is do you accept a set absolute of how abundant time that you’ll plan a specific plan, and if it’s not working, again you move on appropriate away? Or are you one of those anglers that’s added of a feel affectionate of person?

It is absolutely by feel. I anticipate that speaks for a lot of guys. I mean, try to accord your bold plan every befalling to work, but at some point if it becomes futile, you just accept to atom it. That’s what separates a lot of anglers on the baptize in how acknowledged they are in their careers, is how able-bodied they adapt. You accept to acclimate constantly. As the sun gets higher, the baptize begins to warm, or if you accept a algid foreground appear in during the hours of competition, things are traveling to change. If the barometer changes, if there’s accepted breeze that’s… You know, like if you’re fishing on a backlog and they alpha active baptize through the turbines to actualize electricity, that bearing puts bend in key places, and you accept to acclimate and acquisition out area those key spots are. It’s consistently adapting and aggravating to acclimatize to whatever the bearings brings.

What do you acquisition is the hardest allotment about implementing your plan if you accept berserk alteration variables?

Just blockage up with it. Timing. You know, so abundant of fishing auspiciously in tournaments is keyed on timing. It’s alive area to be and if to be there, and accepting the appropriate access of the appropriate lure, the appropriate presentation. I mean, it could appear down to casting angle. There’s so abounding variables. It’s absurd to try and yield all that in and try and action it. I apperceive I may accomplish it complete a little harder than it is, but sometimes it is that challenging.

When you’re traveling through your tournaments, and the variables are alteration and you’re affectionate of authoritative changes as you go, are you demography addendum as you go, or are you one of these guys that just keeps it in your head?

It’s in my head. Actual few guys accumulate notes. I mean, there are guys that accumulate logs afterwards an event’s over with, and maybe they almanac things at night afterwards they’re off the water, but I don’t anticipate you’re traveling to see any high-level clash adversary stop what he’s accomplishing to address down any addendum during a competition.

Do you await on your electronics?

Absolutely. I run Garmin electronics, and I’m application the new Livescope. It’s absurd what you can see underwater with that thing. I can in fact see bend pond below the apparent with my electronics. I can see them access a lure. They’re that good. I can accomplish a cast, I can see my allurement abatement through the baptize column, and I can watch bend acknowledge to it. It’s absurd what you can see with electronics now. I await heavily on the GPS aspects of them as well.

That’s amazing. What accept you abstruse that’s fabricated you bigger back you’ve started and as you’ve gone forth over the endure 30 years?

You don’t accept abundant time for that, I can acquaint you. I mean, it’s a connected process. If you’re not learning, you’re falling behind. This action is consistently evolving. The technology, the accessories we have, and the strategies. I mean, that’s not to say that old tricks don’t apply. They do, and they plan well. At times, it’s the old-school approach that plan the best. But anymore, the akin of antagonism is so top and so accomplished and so acquired that you absolutely accept to be on your game, and electronics is a big allotment of that.

Right. I anticipate in any sport, technology is absolutely arena a bigger and bigger role every year.

Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, any sport, I anticipate that speaks to.

Yeah. Lastly, as we appear to the end of our interview, I wish to ask you… I consistently ask these two questions. What is your a lot of acknowledged fishing secret?

It’s not a secret, but the best admonition I can accord your admirers is time on the water. The added time you absorb on the water, the added acknowledgment you’re traveling to accept to what’s traveling on, the elements, the habitat, and how the bend are apropos to all of that. Sitting in an armchair watching fishing shows on TV, that’s not traveling to get it. You’ll apprentice some basal things, but until you’re on the baptize applying what you apperceive and acquirements by balloon and error, you’re not absolutely traveling to advance as quickly. So get out there and absorb some time on the baptize and get to apperceive what’s traveling on.

Nice. Second question. What’s your a lot of acknowledged or your admired fishing allurement or bait?

That’s tough. I accept several. As far as lures, the assemblage appellation allurement and plug, apparently a Rapala Original Floating Minnow would be my aboriginal choice. It’s so versatile. It’s shaped like a minnow. It’s buoyant, but it can be formed below the apparent as well. It’s a absolutely acceptable tool. Again a Yamamoto Senko. It’s a bendable artificial worm. A lot of of your listeners, I’m sure, are actual accustomed with that. I absolutely like those a lot. Again apparently for a third best would be a Hildebrandt spinnerbait, a tin roller, a allurement that I advised for them. Those three baits are apparently my a lot of assured go-to lures that I can recommend.

Nice. I’d like to acknowledge you for getting on our show.


But afore we go, of advance this is able fishing, so do you accept annihilation that you wish to promote? If you do, acquaint our admirers what it is and how to get it.

Well, you know, anybody at this akin of the bold is accurate by companies, both marine, tackle, and sometimes companies that aren’t complex in the action directly. Non-endemics is what we accredit to them as. I accept a sponsor page. You can acquisition all the sponsors that abutment me there. They’re the bigger brands in fishing. I mean, I’ve got Ranger, Mercury, Motor Guide, Garmin, Hildebrandt, Rapala, Fuji Rod Components, T-H Marine. I mean, I’ve got a lot of companies I represent out there, and I’m apparently not traveling to get them all in.

You can apprentice a lot from what I address and what I allotment through those websites, those publications. There’s aswell an basis for aged angling. If guys like old lures and they wish to apprentice about them, I accept an basis of aged lures on my website.

Bernie, that’s a lot of abundant advice for our listeners. Again, I wish to acknowledge you for getting on our show.

Yeah, man. Any time. Just accord me a shout. I’m blessed to help.

All right, great. Hey, acceptable luck in the Elite Series this year.

Thank you, sir. You accept a acceptable day.

All right. Yield care.

– the line keys sports